Engraving Items

What all do y’all engrave on? Cups, gifts, etc

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Hey University_S Usually a person’s name. :smiley:

I recently received some square glass pieces, without frames, to practice on. If all go well, I will find wood frames to place the glass pieces in.

You can put the glass in the maker?

No its would be thick, you can cut on acrylic sheets.

Yes, you just have to make the proper adjustments (blade, etc) and take it down.

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Just got the maker. I found some stamping blanks and have engraved those! Took a few tries to get it deep enough

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I engrave cups, cutting boards, coasters and cut acrylic, mdf, and wood.

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I hand engrave full wines bottles for special occasions. I also engrave anything but plastic. It is all freehand calligraphy


Hello and Welcome to the community!

I personally have never tried engraving however I have seen people engrave on cups, jewelry, glass, wood, and so much more!

I got the Engraving blade for my Cricut Maker. With that I can engrave Acrylic and aluminum. I’ve used it a handful of times. On Saturday I engraved a little LED light.

I’ve also done a metal wallet card
I have used etching cream to make Champagne flutes

Thank you!

Very nicely done :slight_smile:

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Hello Susan,
Welcome to the forum! Happy to have you here! :smiley:

These are beautiful, I have just ordered the etching cream to try but I didn’t know there was an etching blade. Where did you get yours?

I’ve used my Curio to etch on Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Just received some acrylic rounds so will be having a bit of fun there with some of the awesome designs I bought from DB.!

This is awesome! Did you make a stencil and then use the alumi
num etching solution to make this?