FAF: Frequently Asked Fonts! Spring 2020 Edition

I posted this over on the WHAT FONT IS THIS? Facebook group as well. These are the fonts I’ve seen the most searches for so far this year.

Black = paid font; no legit free versions available.
Blue = free for personal use from an authorized source, paid for commercial use.
Orange = paid font, but often comes pre-installed with various computer programs.
Green = free for commercial use from an authorized source.


Thanks for sharing

Wow, thanks for the reference sheet, @MissyMeyer. :two_hearts:

I’m going to add FAF to my personal vocabulary now. :grin:

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That’s a very helpful list and a good one for finding nice fonts too.

You can get lite versions of Desire Pro that are less expensive. It’s basically got such a huge alternate character set, that they also split it into 3 lite fonts that are cheaper to buy. Each comes with the basic character set and some of the alternates. I got one of those and use it on book covers and I used to use it on my old logo.

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Thank you for the list. It seems I am more of a font hoarder than I thought.

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Farmhouse lemonade is so cute!

aren’t we all, I thought I was a graphic designer but I think I’m more of a font hoarder. When we drive around I try identify fonts in logos and on vehicles that we drive past, and if i see a font that i really like and don’t know I scour the internet until I find it .


Welcome, @Carla_S1! Isn’t that the truth :100: Font hoarder here too :raised_hand:t3: :smile:


Some great ones here. Thank you, Missy!!

Is purple different from Blue?

Cinzel and Cinzel Decorative are released under the SIL Open Font License, so it’s my understanding they’re available commercially for free.

Hmm. At Dafont, the maker of Cinzel has it listed as “Free for Personal Use,” and includes a donation link for commercial use. So it’s kind of borderline.

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Okay. They could’ve released it under different licenses on different sites.

I was looking at Fontsquirrel for it.

Ugh – neither the download from Dafont or the one from Font Squirrel has a license document in the ZIP. But I see that they’ve included the SIL language at Font Squirrel, so I’ve changed Cinzel over to green on this image.

Dear font designers: if you’re distributing a freebie, be sure to include a license document in your ZIP!!

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That sounds like a fun car game :joy:

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Good to know, thanks!

Thanks for taking the time to change it over. :slight_smile: I actually didn’t know it was a document you’d created yourself.

Cinzel’s one I’ve used commercially before so that’s reassuring. I even used to use it in a past version of one of my logos. It’s a font that’s on a whole lot of fantasy covers out there.