Family Wood Round Door Hanger

Family Wood Round Door Hanger - Do you struggle with adhesive vinyl? Are you uncertain on how to use it with wooden projects? Join me in this LIVE tutorial and I will show you how to create an amazing Family Wood Door Hanger!

Designs Used in This Video :sunglasses:

Thank you for this tutorial.

So, personally, I know I cannot eyeball a project. Do you recommend using a tape measure? Or, do you have another suggestion? I just know the wording will be wonky on mine … :confused:

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Also, what platform and time do these videos go live? I am on Pacific Standard Time (Oregon).

2cf672ddb9d83baa804b2134723577b4 I would definitely recommend a tape measure or a crafting measuring tape to ensure accuracy with the size.

Crystal goes live weekly, Mondays at 2pm CST, which I believe is 12pm PST. :slight_smile:

We do have a premiere happening today at 4pm CST, which is 2pm PST. :slight_smile:
You can find the link here :point_right: 5c2c095b04a7ae09aab1cd2f3d43be0b

Thank you, so much, for the information. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re very welcome! :smiley: