FAQ: Do you need to buy a separate license to use items commercially?

This is a very common question; customers purchase items, then wonder if they need to purchase a license separately in order to use those products commercially.

The answer is, no – what you’ve purchased from Font Bundles/Design Bundles IS the license!

When you purchase digital products of any kind (not just fonts and graphics, but also downloadable movies, software, e-books, digital music, and more), most of the time you aren’t buying the product itself; you’re buying a license to use the product. This is the case not just at Font Bundles/Design Bundles, but at any marketplace where you buy digital goods, whether you’re getting an e-book from Amazon, or music from iTunes, or software from Microsoft!

Think of digital products like booking a hotel room: you aren’t actually purchasing the hotel room itself; ownership of the room still belongs to the hotel. You’re purchasing the right to use the hotel room according to a specific set of rules and guidelines. The room is then provided to you so that you can use it under those rules. Same with renting a car – you don’t buy the car, you’re buying the right to use that car according to the rules set by the car’s owner.

With digital products, you’re purchasing a license to use them; the files are then available so that you can download them and use them according to the rules of that license.


I’ve never seen this explained so clearly before :raised_hands:t2::heart::heart_eyes: Thank you!!

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Thanks for the explanation

So if i bought a design and say put it on a mug and sold it, then that’s fine because i’ve bought the right to use that image?

That’s right. If you made a purchase from Design Bundles, you haven’t actually bought the design. You’ve bought a license which allows you to put the design onto physical end products, which you can sell.


Hi, im new to all this, could you just confirm for me? I have downloaded some of the free bundles to start with (designs and fonts), does this mean i am able to use those images / fonts on items i design to sell on etsy? for example , if i use some of the images or font on a bookmark. i know the bundles come with licenses in the download file but i just want it confirmed.

hope that makes sense?

Hi, Rochelle! For the freebies, you are being given a free one-user Premium License to use those files. It’s the same license that you’d purchase for all other products in the marketplace.

It covers to you create an unlimited number of finished physical end products (shirts, mugs, signs, and paper goods like bookmarks), as long as you’re making those yourself, using your own equipment. You can sell the physical goods you make in person, or anywhere online that you like!

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ah thank you, that’s all i wanted to check. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi there
Can I please ask a question related to licences.
I have purchased numerous SVG files to create cookie stamps. I make the cookie stamps myself in my home studio to sell as an end product.
If t a baker purchases my stamp and then uses it on the fondant on a cupcake/cookie and then sells these cookies - is this ok?
They are not purchasing the design svg itself and I am not sharing that with anyone - its for my sole, personal use and I know I can create an end product to sell so just wanted to check that this is ok?
Also is there a limit on the number of cookie stamps I can sell with the design?
And final question please if this is ok - if I am approached by another company that wants to purchase my stamps (wholesale) does the licence cover this?
Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hi, Sharon! Under the current license, a licensee can create “end products” – physical goods which are at the end of the creation process. Right now, items like stencils, stamps, and transfers are not considered end products; they’re considered tools in the creation process. (In this specific situation, the decorated cookie would be the end product.)

So currently, neither of the licenses would allow you to make stamps or stencils that you could sell to others; you’d only be able to make stamps or stencils for your own use, to create your own decorated cookies.

However! We’re currently very close to finalizing a license update, which will allow a few more things that the current license doesn’t. It’s looking like under the new licenses, physical tools like these (transfers, stamps, stencils) can be made and sold if you’ve purchased the Corporate License. So hold tight; a big announcement with an email blast will happen when the new license goes live, and at that point, future purchases will likely be usable to create your stamps!

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Thank you very much for this information. That has always been a question in the back of my head… THANK YOU!

Thanks so much for clearing this up - do you know how soon the new updated licence is likely to be available? and also the cost of the corporate licence?
Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Thank you for being so helpful - if I were to create my own designs for the stamps am I able to use the fonts at all or does this come under the same category as above?


We’re currently getting what is (hopefully) the final round of feedback. If all goes as planned, the new license will be active before the end of the year.

If you create designs from fonts, that’s different – you can make as many text designs of words, names, phrases, and quotes as you like, and you can make an unlimited number of stamps of those to sell!

Brilliant news thank you! :slight_smile:

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hi - I need some clarification on font usage. Let’s say I have an Etsy shop & want to sell a coffee mug where a customer can have their name printed on the mug. Is this allowed? I’m assuming this now qualifies as a “customized” product and language in the licensing terms is confusing me. Under Non-Acceptable Use it says: * Allowing end users to customize and print on demand products using fonts/designs downloaded from us.

Please advise. Thank you!

Hi, Joseph! If you’re the one who’s using the font on your own computer to create a word or name, then you’re covered. You can flatten that name to raster or vector format to send to your customer, or you can print that name onto physical goods that you’re making.

That limitation in the license is referring to uploading the font into any kind of interface, app, or platform that would allow your customers to type in their own text using the font. In a case like that, you’d be allowing the customer to use the font itself to type out text; it isn’t covered because you’re the only one who’s licensed to use the font to create text designs.

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Will the current license still be valid for the things we’ve already purchased before the new license comes out?

Hi Connie! The current license would still be valid on your purchases made during the time that license was in place.

When a new license is released any new purchases from that point on would be for the new licensing terms.

On Design Bundles when you are making your purchase you are purchasing the license and the product you selected comes with it.

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That’s good- thank you.

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