Faux Calligraphy for Beginners

In this video, I show you some quick tips on Faux Calligraphy :slight_smile:

I definitely recommend starting with Faux calligraphy before jumping into the world of brush lettering, as this can really help you learn where to put pressure on the downstrokes.

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@JordynAlisonDesigns, what pens did you use in this tutorial, please? Thank you so much! I love your hand-lettering – so beautiful.

@BJD Thank you :slight_smile: In this one, I am using Faber Castell Markers. You can get them at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. (These are slightly different sets, one has a brush marker one is just the 4 monoline markers).

This brand is great! The blacks are really rich and not faded, so these were the markers I used for drawing years ago.

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Thanks for your quick reply! Learning calligraphy is on my long β€œto do” list. I see a trip to Michaels in my near future! :wink: