Faux Leather and Canvas earrings

Hi everyone!

My 14 yo daughter has started making earrings out of faux leather and canvas materials. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what she can use to add a little bit of weight to them, more so they don’t roll\fold up?


I am seeing articles that say to make a reverse cut and glue it to the back of the earring cutout, being sure to seal the edges carefully.


Hi! I like to add beads and small crystals to my faux leather earrings. It adds weight and unique charm to each pair. Happy creating to you both!

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I make a second one and either glue it to the back or use Heat and Bond to attach it.

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Thanks ladies! :hugs:

@BartonMarket I know has been making leather earrings. Maybe she will have some suggestions! :slight_smile:

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Also she most have in mind that leather is no good in all weathers if there is a lot of humidity they get moss, also people don’t like heavy earring maybe put some rivets

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Some people cut HTV the same size and heat press it to the backs. When I make them I just choose a heavier faux leather and leave the backs plain.

You can also cut 2 amd glie to the back but I had a hard time with that- matching them up, putting something heavy on top of the earrings to hold them while they dried, etc.

I, too, have used faux leather and found it a little thin for one layer (it’s mostly been Cricut brand). I have reverse cut a second one and glued them together but still not ideal. I would like to try some heavier faux leather but haven’t managed to track any down. Has anyone any suggestions please (I am in the UK)?

I have also cut felt in the same shape to glue to the back. I also love using real leather because its heavier.

The best way is to use real leather instead of faux. I have made hundreds of pairs. They are naturally heavier. The additional issue is you have to stamp, dye and seal and then they will hold up in any weather and you won’t have any curling issues.

Do you use a machine or die cuts?

They sell some double sided on etsy :slight_smile:

I use both. Die cuts are great. I have a machine that you put the leather and die cut in and pull the handle down.

I like to add to the back like a lot of people say and I know this is an old post but one trick I would recommend that no one else did is I use my Xyron sticker machine. You can look it up on amazon. Its a really easy way to apply adhesive to the back of the first one.