Favorite Online Typography Course?

Any recommendations for a course to learn font creation?


Following this sounds so neat!

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I’m interested too. It’s something I’ve been interested in learning but haven’t found the time.

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I would love to have courses for this!


Teela, from Every Tuesday, has the most thorough font course. She only opens enrollment up twice a year, and the next one is in October. But the course works for both PC and Mac. She explains everything so well and teaches you about ligatures, alternate characters, kerning, multilingual support. It’s the best!!

(I know the course is kind of pricey, but I made back the price of the course AND the font program in under a year of selling fonts)



I saw that too, is it worth it? (Since you’ll pay for her course + pay for the software programs) Is it beginner-friendly? I have basic knowledge of Adobe products (will she also teach how to use the programs?)


Hi ac3051a4bd5d22929021dc765a14c689 welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I 1000% recommend this course. So, I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for years and I still learned new things! I would say that a basic knowledge of AI would be helpful. But she’ll still teach you everything you need to know.

It is quite an investment, but it’s been well worth it for me! She will walk you through every step of the process for using the font program as well, which I still find myself going back to if I’ve forgotten something.

I think that if you’re really wanting to make and sell fonts it’s worth taking this course so you can know you are making quality fonts! :heart:

Thanks so much!! I’d definitely try it!

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More recently, Jen Wagner Co and Chez Nunez offered similar courses:

Has anyone tried those?

Teela from Tuesday, I havent taken it myself, but I have heard a lot about this course.

This would be great to try!

I’ve been waning to learn to make my own fonts badly recently

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I’ve been contemplating Teela’s course but I’m hesitant because of the price. Its good to hear awesome reviews; I may have to just go for it.

I’ve been debating about making my own fonts, for my own edification. I’ll check out the link you provided. Thanks!

I really wish KA Designs would create a font making course, I love all of her stuff :purple_heart:

You can teach yourself how to create fonts but it’s a pretty long road and involves a lot of time. We’re not talking about growing a plant, but growing a tree. And not a small one, a huge oak tree. In addition it can take years to get to a point where your work is sought after by Creative agencies. I think it would be a rough field for someone new to Graphic design or Illustrator.

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