Feedback: Deselect vs select

I love this site and greatly appreciate all of the designers sharing their work. Many types of designs I’m not interested in seeing and would like to be able exclude those for now, so, would it be possible to change the filtering options to have everything already selected/checked then I can deselect the types I’m not searching for?

Again, thank you.

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Hi April,

There are a lot of filters available to refine your searches. What in particular are you looking to exclude? What are you looking for?

Maybe there’s a category or some filters we can suggest :slight_smile:

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For example, I want to see all fonts except web fonts, or all design except embroidery.

Oh I see what you mean!

If you are under the following categories you should not see Web Fonts: Regular, Script, Seasonal, Other.

To further refine any search (regardless if you’re in those categories above or not) you can scroll down and select TTF and OTF in the “files included” filter.

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 9.28.37 AM

The same will be for Design Bundles. We have a specific Embroidery category, as well as “included files” filter. So if you don’t want to see embroidery designs don’t go to that category and don’t select PES files. I think there’s a few other embroidery file types, but I know that’s one of them.

There are tons of filters you can select to help refine your searches. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like that on mobile or iPad. Hopefully you can see my screen grab.

Keep scrolling down. After related tags, after rating, after price, and product type you will be able to see the included files.

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