Felling illiterate

Can anyone send me a how to download on the things I bought . I am going to try this on a PC but can hopefully read the info on my Samsung note 20 I’ve downloaded so much and it says in ripped or empty and I know they should be coming . I just don’t know how to what order to do things or nothing about it at all I thought it was going to be like a book I bought and just pushed 1 button and there it was. That’s about the extent of my knowledge and feel so bad for being a BIG PAIN.

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Hello Terri!
Welcome to the forum – happy to have you here! :smiley:
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Step by Step to Downloading on PC :point_down:

In order to download your files you will need to go here - 2ab0ab096c49a8050952424d34568733
Once you are there, you will want to click on the green “Download Files” button. This will download the file to your PC.

Once downloaded you will likely need to extract the files from the zipped folder - 5eb98a42a08bbfad065217762ab718d8

Once the files are unzipped in your desired location you will then be able to use them! :blush:

If you still have any trouble please feel free to email Customer Support and they will be happy to help, you can reach them at 89d59bb91da0546df7c5991d1b920ecb :blush:

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I love making quick tutorials, I should make longer ones but this will help I’m sure.


Where are the files I purchased on b12cbc681a4bf8c5a16c55dd280e589d and/or 31059c9a5dfba99987d8989f5078088b kept? (they are combined account purchases from either site can be found under ‘Your Purchases’ under your Account Tab.

Click the Account tab on the main webpage
Look for the Purchases tab.
Click it to go to the files.

Scroll to the package you want to download.
Click the ‘Download Files’ Green Button.
(A window will pop open below)
Click on the File Name(s) to Download.
Navigate to your Downloads folder, or whatever other location you want them saved to.
After you download them Navigate to your folder and unzip the files and install your fonts, move the files to another storage location, sort your fonts by category for use with a Font Manager. Whatever you need to use the font files or design resources you just downloaded.

Have fun!