Few Tips Related to Design File Preparation for Selling

Simple Tips for Every designer for perfect file Delivery, Decided to wrote down for DB community, Hope this help everyone.

1- Always Expand your designs or create outline of font While making textual images for any kind of t shirt designs etc.

Why? because customer might not have a font that you used in it.

2- Save file for older version

When you save your file in Adobe illustrator just select AI 10 version and EPS 10 version that is because I recently found out that most of the files when I tried to put on illustrator 17 or 15 it says that its made it newer version so it can create a problem for customer if they don’t have the latest version. that’s why save in 10.

3- Always Provide an encapsulated postscript file (EPS)
EPS file is a master file for me, If your ai file doesn’t work in illustrator or if your SVG not working then EPS will work and it works on almost every software. Just do provide these files and with 10 version also.

4- Check for grouping many elements formed into single object.
Let’s take an example, You made a paper cut and there are lots of elements inside that remain ungrouped. So, different software does not recognize the file completely and they paste your image as separate elements if you didn’t group them which can cause a lot of problems, if the customer is using software which we never used. A shortcut key is CTRL + G to group them.

5- Always provide PNG and PDF

PNG is key for last destination for customer once they buy the design and if none of the files worked, They choose PNG file. Make sure its double the original size so they can rearrange it according to your need and print it with quality.

For PDF just save it in High Quality Printable File and you are good to go!

6- Color RGB or CMYK

Ok guys! Please whenever you make printable designs select the CMYK and for web Save RBG that why I always provide printable PDF which is CMYK friendly and save PNG and JPEG for web purpose so it can be used for websites or for different platform. Try not to provide RGB for print!

Awesome Take Care! Do share your so that it also help members. Thanks


Very helpful information. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Wow! Thank you for sharing! :blush:

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