File Errors

I bought the Ultimate Build A Bundle, but when I try to extract the files I get an error message saying that some of the file names are too long.

I have tried to rename the files, but it doesn’t give me an option to rename - I assume they are locked. I need new files with shorter names.

Hi Alison,

I’m so sorry about this! I believe the designer is aware of this issue, but if you want to write into our support team we can keep you updated when the designer updates the file names :slight_smile: Our email is accd382ce740ea80fd22a1d26ede9796

If you download a program called winRAR you can double click on zipped files to preview the contents, from there you can rename the contained files before unpacking

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That is a good idea. 7ZIP will allow you to extract just the files without the folder if needed too. You can change the name of it also.
another option you could move the archive to your desktop and shorten the depth of the hierarchy of folders.