Foiling acetate using the foil quill in cricut design space

Open Cricut design space. Create a new project.

2- Click on the upload icon.

3- Click on upload image.

4- Select browse.

5- Upload your design. I am using cute christmas clan foil files from Click save.

6- Select your saved file and upload.

7- Your file will upload.

8- With the file selected, right click and ungroup.

9- Select the images you want to foil. Delete any images not needed.

10- Resize your images. Click on line type and select draw. Click on make it.

11- Click continue.

12- Select custom on the dial on your machine.

13- Click on browse all materials.

14- Search acetate.

15- Click go.

16- With the acetate you will need to make sure that the foil is well secured. Because the acetate is a little slippery the foil can move when the foil quill starts drawing.

17- Your design is foiled.

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Wow! The foil quilt has some pretty stuff. Did you say how to attach the foil to the acetate?

So fun! The foil quill can make some really pretty projects!! :slight_smile:

So pretty! Thank you!