Foiling several colors with cricut design space and the foil quill

1- Open Cricut design space. Click on the shape tool.


2- Create a square.


3- Resize the shape so the design you want to foil will fit. A good guide is to create a shape smaller than a A4 size.


4- We need to create anchor points for the design so when we go to foil the design will be in exactly the same place for each color. Click on shape tool and create another square.


5- Resize the square till it is small. Right click and duplicate you you have 4.


6- Change the color of the little anchor squares. As a guide I try to color them to match the foil Iwill use so I don’t forget what color foil I need for each layer.


7- Move the anchor squares to each corner of the large shape.


8- Select two anchor squares at a time and align them. Repeat for both top and bottom anchors.


9- Align again this time left and right sides.


10- Select everything and group.


11- go to upload and select (or insert) your design.


12- Place the design over the big shape.


13- Change the color of the design if you cannot see it well. Add the other color parts of the designs. I try to color each different part i want foiled with the matching foil color to make it easy to remember what color to use for each design. Group everything.


14- Right click and duplicate. Repeat the duplication for every colored foil part you are foiling (so if you want to foil with 4 colors duplicate so you have 4.)


15- Change the color of the anchor squares for each duplication. This will also help you determine what color foil you need for each part.(ungroup the parts you need to color)


16- With each duplication remove all the parts of the design except for the part you want to foil. When you have finished you should have every foiling part on a separate section.


17- Select each large rectangle that you have your designs on.In the layers palette click on the eye icon to hide that part as we don’t want to foil or cut it.


18- Select the design parts and click onto line type and draw.


19- Go through each design group and attach. Do not try to attach everything together as we want to foil each part separately.


20- As you can see in the make it screen each separate part of the design now has its own mat on the left. This is why we created the anchor squares. Click continue.


21- Select your material and make sure the foil quill is inserted in clamp A.


22- Make sure the dial is correct with your media selection.


23- Foil the first part of the design. Once finished you can remove the mat and foil. Leave the media on the mat tho. Place the next color foil onto the media and insert the mat again.

It is good to note that will want to cut the small anchor squares. To avoid this I removed the cutting blade from clamp 2. the machine will go through the motions of cutting but nothing will cut.


24- As you can see on your screen the next mat and color will be ready to foil.


25- With the foil on, click the go button.


26- Repeat the above steps till all the colors have been foiled.