Foils on leather

I just purchased my tips for foiling and starting to do it on faux leather for earrings I did a design on black with the silver foil and couldn’t see it very well. The faux leather that I have has a little bit of a texture to it am I going to have to get flat leather. If so what would you recommend that I use

A bit late, but if you still need help :grin:
First, many faux leathers have kinda silky finish like teflon. If your leather has it, no glue or foil will stick. Most leathers intended for furniture and clothing are made to repel dirt and water.
A few drops of acetone on a cloth will partially remove the coating and help with the foil adherence. If the leather has pearl shine, acetone can remove the finish, so stick to rubbing alcohol.
Anyway, try on a small spot before going wild with the acetone.