Font in Silhouette Studio

Hi, I downloaded the font GT Herina and installed it as I always do. I would like to use it in Silhouette Studio, but I can see only the low characters-and those are looking out just like Times or something like that-nothing like Herina, all the other characters are just squares. I double-checked everything, In Design Space (Cricut) it seems to be fine, in Word and font managers too. Do you have any idea, why? It has not happened to me before. Restart, reboot, reinstall already done without success. Can you suggest anything? thanks in advance!

Hi 0065c78fe624abfb9096c15b623f318c! Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

Hmm, I’m not sure why it would be working in Design Space, Word, etc. but not in Silhouette. Do you mind emailing the support team so they could take a closer look at it for you? 866df2c0b658f867b09fd9432a7bafe2

Thanks, I will do that. I’ve just seen that some others having the same issue.