Font manager discount code

Did I see a discount code for one of the font managers somewhere? With something over 10K fonts on my PC, it’s time I did something about them. When some of my software loads them, it’s time for a meal, never mind coffee!


What is a font manager?

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Nexus font, or Main Type are two that come to mind. Used for keeping the installed font count low but all fonts available. :smile:


If you have 10,000 fonts activated on your system, you will definitely have slow loads.

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Font Base it is free, no coupon code needed.

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I’m sorry, I haven’t seen any discount codes for font managers, but hopefully someone will know.

This topic mentions a 25% discount for MainType 9 Professional Edition:

Coupon Code CPN4DB52959

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I also have tons of fonts and I use FontBase. It is free and very fast. yo ucan find it here: 5ca126211f6620951f09b50e888b9416

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What’s the advantage of using something like FontBase?

When it works, it allows you to see all the fonts you’ve downloaded but not installed, and then you can activate the ones you need without installing them to your system. When you have thousands of fonts, installing them all will really slow down the system, so Fontbase lets you use the fonts without having to install all of them.
I say “when it works,” because lately I’ve been having more and more trouble with the app. It doesn’t show a preview of all my fonts, most of the ones I’ve recently acquired it just shows squares. They also no longer let you search for a font unless you have the paid version. So it is getting to be useless for me, plus I don’t think it’s ethical to take away features from the free version, instead of adding features to the paid version. I’m currently looking for a new font manager. Maintype is good, but it only lets you have 2500 fonts with the free version, and I’ve got a lot more than that.