Fontal mixing

Does anyone like mixing fonts? What fonts would you mix?

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Hi @Monique_Y do you mean pairing fonts? There is already a thread with a few recommendations, I can tag you in it, if you’d like!


Hi Monique!

Ok, I’m curious… Do you mean mixing fonts within a word itself?

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Yes in the same word. Sorry late response. Lost my phone

you can definitely tag me. Sorry late response. Lost my phone

I do occasionally, like for book titles and things like that. Usually I just do it if a word doesn’t look perfect in the one font, or I need to match it so it’s the same as on another cover etc. I wouldn’t say I do it a lot (too lazy perhaps) but I do occasionally. I’m not sure there’s real rule to matching it, except some fonts look better for caps and others are clearer for lower case or additional capitals. I just tinker til it looks good.

It can work sometimes, but you need to be careful to not lose the readability of your word, and you need to keep your use of this technique very limited. One word is okay, but too many words and people will struggle with the reading, and that tends to be short lived, then they just stop reading. If the difference between the lettering style is so severe that they kind of lose the connection between that letter and the rest or the word you’ve lost the battle.

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Thank you. That makes sense