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How much is a Corporate License? Where can I find the price?

The price of the Corporate License varies, depending on the base price (Premium License) of each product. It’s a factor of 8. So, for example, if a product is US$10.00 for the Premium License, it’s going to be US$80.00 for the Corporate License.

You can see the price in the Shopping Cart page like this – Click on EDIT License/Users (shown in blue):

And then, this window will pop open so you can choose the type of license you need:

You will see the Corporate License price in the grey area, and it will turn green if you select it, then click on Keep Shopping :slight_smile:


Hi! If I use images I purchased from you to create printables, can I sell the printables here?

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Hello d04429a691ede3729dd7bf780c13246f when using products purchased from us to create digital printable to sell you would need to create what is known as a Transformative Design. This can be achieved by completing these 3 steps:

  1. Edit and alter the original image
  2. Add your own text and graphic elements.
  3. Crop the image OR overlap the newly added text and graphic elements, over the original image, to create that new and unique design of your own that in no way competes with the original artists design.

You can read more about these terms of use, and to see examples here: 9785de2c3f282f615a74a319a71bd03a

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That’s great, thanks!

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You’re welcome!!

I’ve learned so much from reading the information here. I’m trying to better understand the rules around digital paper. I’m wanting to buy digital paper to use in the background for printables (bookmarks, treat bag toppers, etc.). Does sizing the digital paper, adding words to the top and adding images count as being transformative design?

Hi Amy, I am brand new here and need to ask a clarification question about licences, please.

I am looking at printable items to buy and sell them myself as printables (stickers and calendars and planners).

From what I understand from your help section, I only need to change a design if it goes into a print on demand, aka a physical book. Is that correct? Or would my idea of selling printables fall under the same rule?

I have seen some editable ones and others that aren’t editable, yet have the tag “commercial use” and “corporate license”. As I rarely see a calendar on eg a mug or t-shirt, I don’t know what is meant by this use/license combination.

I hope this makes sense. As said, I am very green.