Fonts like this with universal swashes?

Are there any other fonts like this Roseville Script, with universal swashes that can be added onto the start and end of any word? (Besides Blooming Elegant) I’m trying to find more options for Zazzle to get- their font selection is very limited as far as variety.

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Hi Connie,
I think you’re talking about initial and terminal forms? I have two in my shop that include initial and terminal (swash) forms for all lowercase letters. Lemon Squeezy has swashes that you can tack onto either end of a word as well:

Or you could get both in this bundle:

Hope this was helpful!

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Thank you VERY much!

I pretty like Sweetie Almeera and it is perfect for Wedding designs too for Zazzle


But that one doesn’t have the universal swashes that you can add to the start and end of the word, no matter what the letters.

Oh I now got what you mean. I will try to look out for those

There are lots of fonts out there with swashes. Are they “universal”, typically the answer is no. They are made/created in the style of their original font or typeface. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them with other fonts, but the alignment and scale may need to be tweaked a fair bit to get them to work with your chosen font.

That’s true. The problem with Zazzle is that if you want to make a text template, so that customers can easily change the text, you need universal swashes, so they can change out the text between the swashes and still keep the tails. Most customers won’t know, or want to take the time, to look up the codes for the particular glyphs they need for their personalized text.

I don’t use (or have) Zazzle, but can they (the users) not just highlight the text and then change the font to the desired font?
With the wide variety of script or calligraphic fonts, trying to find a swash font that would work with all/any of them.
So it might be better/easier to find fonts in various styles that have swashes, and label or flag them with indicators or descriptions to know what to look for when you use other fonts that don’t have swashes of their own.
I hope that made sense.
For more delicate and flowing swashes for formal/copperplate scripts, you might look at some of the fonts from Sudtipos. and a few other foundries.

I’m not trying to find swashes that will work for all fonts. I’m trying to find fonts that have universal swashes FOR THAT FONT, so that the customer can change easily the text between the swash symbols, but leave the swashes themselves in place. Most fonts you need to copy the code for each particular letter, which customers aren’t going to be able to do, because the swash is actually attached to each letter. Blooming Elegant (and a couple others) has separate swashes that aren’t attached to the letter, so even if you change the letter, the same swash stays in place.