Freebie Friday!

Was there a Freebie Friday! email on the 10th of April?

Hi 02284d3644500236fb80a9cf86ea72c9 - there was indeed.

It appears we had an issue with our email service and the email was not sent to all users - I have dispatched it now to all affected users.

Sorry about that.


I like to share the freebies and the newest designs or fonts from those that have the freebies in the mailer.

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I thought my mail was just slow and thats why I got it on Saturday!

I did not get one this Friday either.
I got the 24-hour sale and new releases email…

Hi Joseph, I’m sorry to hear that! Can you please email us at 7cd2ce9784b67f5bf509afddb9227da7 with the email you should be receiving them from and I’ll have our team look into that for you.

Are you a Gold or Silver Plus member by any chance?