French designs

Hello i would like to know if some of you have some designs written in french language please?

Hello Véronique!

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Here is what I found for searching French:

It does look like there are some. Are you looking for a specific phrase?

Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance, we’re always happy to help!

I’d expect some of the standards would be “Joyeuse Anniversaire” (Happy Birthday) “Bonne Annéee” (Happy New Year), “Poisson d’Avril” (April Fool’s), and I keep getting confused between Le Pâque, La Pâque, and Les Pâques (one is Easter, one is Passover, and I’m not sure if the third exists or not)…

N’est-ce pas?

I found typing “français” in the search menu came up with some interesting results. Unfortunately, the search doesn’t distinguish between “c” and “ç”, so it includes items such as “San Francisco” and “franchise”. “Joyeux” brings up a lot of Christmas designs (“Joyeux Noël”), “anniversaire” has one or two birthday cards, “fête” has a couple of holidays.
Annoyingly, the Bastille Day designs “bastille” brings up are, to the last one, in English.

Hello, thank you for your answers, but I am mainly looking for bundles in French such as sacarstic sentences, or around the family or humorous is there anythings like this on this site?

Hello, I have this card. 27879e2dde1315ed800d28aa67326241