Glowforge OR CNC?

Which do you prefer, Glowforge or CNC? Why do you prefer one over the other?

I do not know anything about a glowforge but i have a cnc router and I love using it.
I am hoping to get more Designs here to use.

What do you like most about your CNC? And does it have a height limit to what it can cut?

the accuracy and repeatability, I can cut the same thing over and over, and it will be exactly the same.
learning curve on the software, but that is with anything.
as for the Z axis…(height) mine is limited to 5 inches.

I didnt know that there was a forum here.
is there any CNC’ers ?

I don’t have either but I’m doing research has anyone found any links or helpful tips on this topic?

Glowforge is very overhyped. You can do much more for the money

Hello Matt!
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Thank you for your input! :smiley:

You’ll find a lot of people who recommend Glowforge will then offer you a referral code. There’s a lot of pros and cons. With it you are getting a name brand machine that’s fairly well supported and works out of the box. I’m speaking from doing a lot of research not from experience though…… I’ve been deep into this rabbit hole .

However, for the price you pay you can get a machine that does so much more. I would personally go for Om tech brand lasers. You can get a quality product that’s well supported. For the same price as the glowforge you’ll get more for your money

Hello and welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Thank you so much for your input, I truly appreciate it!