Glyphs into design space

I’ve been happily putting glyphs into design space for a while by going to the font book and command C and Command V but now when I do I get a square box with nothing in it. I’ve logged out of design space and logged back in but that doesn’t seem to have helped. How can I use my glyphs now?

cd24fd4ffedce71d0eb7cec245891636 The only thing that comes to mind is something you’re already probably doing. Technology does weird things sometimes - like change your font selection. I would suggest making sure when you paste into DS, that the font you are pasting and the font selected are the same one. I know you’re probably already doing this but I thought I’d mention it.
If this doesn’t solve it, hopefully someone else here can help!
Good luck! Melissa

Thanks for your reply. Yes I’m only changing like for like, plain letter for fancy from the same font. It’s very frustrating.

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Do you have text in the box before you try pasting it?

Have you tried using a different font? I have used ‘hello honey’ on this screenshot