Gold Membership vs POD add on


I see the POD license would be included in the gold membership. If I get graphics through the membership, does it mean I can’t make new product on POD sites if I stop the Designbundle membership? Would that be the only difference?

I was wondering this exact same thing! Hopefully someone can shed some light on this soon?

Hi Lujastyles!

Anything that is purchased with your plus credits when you have an active account will remain yours to use under the license it was purchased under. As long as when you purchased it included the POD Addon you would still be able to use it with the POD Addon if you were to cancel the membership. You can see in your Plus Purchases tab which license you have on each product.


great question. I know with one product I brought the add on POD license I figured better safe than sorry. I am a gold member too but dont quite understand all the POD stuff yet.