Google Chrome/Internet Explorer try to open my SVG Files - Error

“My computer thinks SVG files should be opened with Google Chrome/ Internet Explorer or other internet browser” It is a problem that people often complain about, especially from Silhouette Studio users.

To open a file just right click on your svg file, click on “Open with,” then on the panel that pops up, click on “Choose another app.” Use the scroll bar to locate Silhouette S and click on it and also click on the box next to “Always use this app to open .svg files.

In case is not showing up: click on the right to go all the way to the bottom of the list of possible programs you can use, and click on “More apps.”
You’ll get a list of even more options. If Silhouette Studio still won’t be there, scroll down again, and on this list, click on “Look for another app on this PC” at the very bottom. What is left now to do is to locate where Silhouette is installed on your device.


Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing! :smile: