Gradient fill feature in Sure Cuts a Lot 4

*Note- SCAL4 pro used.

1- Open SCAL4 software.

2- Create your image/shape that you would like to fill with a gradient.

3- Select your image and click on the palette icon.

4- Click on the fill drop down box and select gradient.

5- The gradient will now appear in the shape and also on the fill box.

6- To adjust the colors and other aspects of the gradient, click on the gradient box in the fill and stroke panel. A new window will appear.

7- To change a gradient colour, click on one of the little arrows on the slider(1), then click on the color box(2).

8- A second window will appear where you can pick your color. Select the color and click on OK.

9- Repeat the above steps to adjust the second slider so both 1/2s of the gradient are the color you would like.

10- On the slider bar you can adjust where each color starts and finishes on your gradient.

11- You can also use the reverse button to swap the colors.

12- You can also change the gradient style. Click on the type drop down menu. There is linear.

13- And there is also Radial which is a gradient from the middle to outward.

14- If you want to keep your gradient for further use you can click on add preset. A new window will appear and you can name the preset.

15- If you click on the preset tab, you can see the ones you have saved.

16- Once you are happy with the gradient, click OK and your gradient will fill your shape.