Graphic Design Goals -- July 2020

Let’s help keep each other accountable!
What is your graphic design goal this month?

For the month of July - Write down 1 Graphic Design Goal that you wish to accomplish by the end of July - we can update our progress and our accomplishments here in this thread.


erm… actually try to complete some of the projects I have started… :rofl:
I never seem to have time these days.

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I can totally hold you accountable! :slight_smile:
What are you trying to get finished?

Its so hard sometimes!

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I have an SVG bundle I will be aiming to finish this weekend. I’ve also been learning how to create fonts and I have a half created font that I started back in December! I keep putting that one off while I have the kids off school.

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Can’t wait to see your font! They can take SO long sometimes!! I had one font I released earlier this year that I had started nearly a year prior! I just couldn’t find the motivation/time/other fonts got pushed in front :joy:


This month, I don’t have too many goals. I’m flying to see my husband so I’ll be trying to spend quality time with him instead of working non-stop. I have two half-started fonts as well that I’d love to finish, but besides that I’d really just like to finish up all the SVGs I have hand lettered that are just sitting in Illustrator collecting dust :joy: :sweat_smile:


Yes that is it! With everything going on this year I lost all motivation but I do intend to get back to it eventually!

Ohhh I can’t wait to see your SVG Bundle! :slight_smile:

Girlllll! Go work on that font! I wanna seeeee ittt!!! :hearts:

Also, have a great time with your husband!!! :hearts:

pressure! :rofl:

I have a font that I would love to finish by the end of July :heart:

I’m almost there

I’m also working on 3 other SVG bundles I’d like to release by the end as well!!


OMG YESSSSS! I am loving this font!!! :hearts:

And ooohhhhhh :open_mouth: I love your bundles!!!

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Replace my work salary! It’s a VERY lofty goal, and I may or may not be about to lose my PayPal account for not verifying my ID before hitting the income limit… but I believe I can go from an income of $0 to my salary in the space of just over a month!! Gotta visualise and manifest those goals!!

As a bonus goal, I want to figure out how the heck you get on here as a designer.


Hello! You can go here – to apply for a Store on Design Bundles and Font Bundles. :slight_smile: It will ask you for a link to your portfolio to see any items you plan on selling.

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Thanks, I was rejected for quality I believe last time, so trying to figure out the best way to go about showing my work (since I am a full time designer, and part time freelance designer!)!

You can use I believe it is free to create portfolio. :slight_smile:

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I like what I’m seeing, but as someone who’s been creating fonts for a few decades, may I suggest that you be thorough in your kerning (letter spacing between select letters in a specific order), while letter spacing in general takes care of a lot, Good kerning covering the WHOLE font is a major sign that the creator has cared about quality. Also include accents for all of the European languages, all of the monetary symbols (cents, dollars, Yen, Sterling/pound), this keeps your potential market larger, which in turn means more potential users and income for you. A good collection of alternate glyphs/characters is all a major plus.
Create stunning sample images, like a book cover, they are often the biggest influence over potential buyers. They can spark buyers imagination in seeing where and how they might use your font(s).


Hi there! Me again, lol. For the portfolio for this, would it be best to NOT have any of my custom design work on there?

It would be best to build a portfolio of the kinds of products you would like to sell on Designbundles :slight_smile:

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