Graphics drawing tablet

I’d like to start drawing some of my own designs. So, does anyone have any suggestions as to which low to medium end drawing tablet is the best. I don’t want to throw a bunch of money into this tablet just in case I decide not to pursue it.

Thanks for your help!

Hi 7c3e326e2195e06df37bddc260908245 I have an iPad Pro + the Procreate app + the Apple Pencil. It’s been a game changer for me. However, I know iPads and Apple products are pretty expensive, so I hope someone can give you a better suggestion!!

I know many other artists use Wacom tablets, but I don’t have any personal recommendations for those.


Thanks, Jordyn!
I do have an iPad, but I’m not sure what version it is. I’ll have to check! I’ve never used Procreate, but I see the name a lot! Is it easy to use and is it expensive?

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It’s a $10 app but SO worth it. I’d spend much more on it than that, honestly!

You can see the requirements here: 9b08147369845bb5720bdb9a780b358e

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I will definitely check Procreate out! $10 is nothing for an app that does so much. Thanks for your help!!

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You’re welcome! :heart:


I use a Wacom and Illustrator. I have a Bamboo which I bought cheaply off eBay. Many people try and use Wacoms but don’t persist when it feels odd at the beginning so you can get them cheap. I’ve never used Procreate or an iPad, I am not really a fan of Apple products.

There are many ways of achieving the same thing. Affinity Designer is meant to be great and it’s not a very expensive program, and there are others, even free ones, out there that will do the same thing.

You’d want to consider if you want to create bitmap based illustrations or vector based illustrations first before you make a decision.

Vector (Illustrator, Affinity Designer and similar) has the advantage that the images can be scaled up or down without any loss in quality. If you want to create art for embroidery, or art that needs to be large, for example posters, wall art, decals etc. then go for this with a cheap Bamboo Wacom off eBay.

Bitmap (Procreate, Photoshop) has the advantage that it’s easier to learn but you have to design at the size of the final product. Scaling up or down more than 20% gets you into trouble (blur mostly).

Plus if you design in vector format you can then take your finished design (smaller files) into Photoshop or Procreate or similar and add texture etc.

So, it really depends what you want to create. :slight_smile:


I use an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. I honestly don’t think there’s something better out there that is this portable and easy to use/user friendly. I design in both Procreate and Affinity Designer, but mostly Affinity because it’s both raster and vector based, so it’s the best of both worlds! Although I do still do a few things in Procreate because some of my favorite brushes are there :laughing:

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im new as well I already had a apple pro tablet so it was an easy decision to buy the Apple Pencil just make sure if u go with an apple tablet that the apple pen is compatible with your tablet

I like procreate on my iPad Pro

I know this is a long outdated response, but I have just gotten an iPad pro and apple pencil and it has been life changing. Seriously. I am doing so much more and DB Plus has so much stuff for Procreate. Its amazing.


I also have the same combo of iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate. I tried to use it without the Apple Pencil at first, but it was seriously limited until I bought one. I find it amazingly great, especially compared to the older graphics tablet I tried to use in the past with my PC. While it’s a lot more expensive, it’s also a really good product that’s great for designing. Not all iPads can support an Apple Pencil so I’d see what the options are though it sounds like you’ve probably looked into that stuff already.

I hope you found a solution that works well for you.

I also use a Wacom tablet, the “intuos 5”. I got on second hand for just $120, but it totally worth it.
I use Adobe photoshop and illustrator in order to create my designs.
The ability of directly use the pressure and tilt features on illustrator saves me a lot of time when saving as SVG. And no need of trace or export drawings from procreate or other source.
It’s also very easy to use textures and patterns in photoshop for any Sublimation idea.
The cheapest wacom tablet starts at $50, so definitely a nice deal to start with.

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I’m happy to read this comment. I’d heard so much positive about Procreate that I licensed it for my iPad Air 2, but it doesn’t seem to respond the way I want or am used to (Corel DRAW! and PhotoPaint, then later Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop), and I suspect a lot of it might be that neither my finger nor my Adonit Jot Touch is sufficiently responsive. I keep thinking it really needs and iPad Pro, but last I read the latest version of iPad Air has a more recent chipset… (not to mention both are currently beyond budget…)

On the computer side I’ve been using CS4 for years (couldn’t afford to upgrade, and especially now can’t afford to subscribe - Software As A Service is determined to outprice individual users!!!). I have an Intuos 4 which I rarely use (the software never correctly integrated into CS4), and tend to use a lot of direct node editing.

I use Adobe Illustrator via the iPad and PC. There is an app that you can use to display your iPad onto a PC for a larger viewing area. That is called Duet Duo. I haven’t used it, personally, but it seems to get great reviews.


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Hope you find something that works for you.

I use the first model (older) of the Apple iPad Air with procreate and the first gen Apple Pencil, works great and doesn’t cost a lot. The apple iPad Air is alot cheaper than the iPad Pro.

I use procreate! Lots of great brushes and the apple pencil!

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