Hello All! How are you doing this week?

How are you holding up? Are you ok? Staying safe and healthy? :heart:

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Doing good…just working from home. It’s quite an adjustment. We just went to pick up some food and our small town seems abandoned. Everybody is doing what they’re supposed to and staying home.

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Been a rough week :woman_shrugging: Been battling an ear infection for 5 weeks. And I’m going stir crazy. But at least I have my sanity. (I think. Lol)


It is a big adjustment for everyone. I hope we are all staying safe.


Finding today hard, I really miss my daughter and grandkids, been face timing which is fun, but not the same as a hug, but fingers crossed we all stay healthy and can get lot’s of hugs again.

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Good to hear everyone is staying home. I have to venture out later to get some food becuase we have next to no dinner foods. I’m dreading it because my town thinks they are above all and still goes out.

Oh geeze, sorry you have an ear infection, they hurt! I hope you get better soon!

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I hear you! I miss family! I also miss all my kiddos that I work with! Ughh. Everyone needs to get better and this whole thing needs to go away. This is craziness. Just gotta keep our heads up and look forward! :heart:

Definitely a huge adjustment. I miss seeing my family.

Doing ok here! I will be honest and say I may be going insane as I’m stuck inside more than I’d like to. I do go out and hang out in the yard with my pet kids, but that’s pretty normal. I miss visiting with friends and family. I’m hoping in time this will all calm down. I’m glad you’re all doing pretty well. Keep safe and know that we are all here to help you through this!

Stay crafting! It can be helpful…

I’ve found that usually by Thursday evening into Friday it’s hard… the routine of working at home and getting the kids to concentrate on their school work just wears as the week goes on. It definitely helps when the sun is shining; today it was cold, and snowy, and everything just seemed harder. I’m grateful that the kids won’t have curriculum to do tomorrow. Today we went for a drive just to get out, and the kids saw people just walking about with masks and more protective wear. That was the first time they’d been out in weeks, so we talked about some of the precautions that people are taking just to be careful and safe. I would never have imagined some of the conversations I’ve had to have…

I’ve discovered that home schooling is hard. Keeping a 5 year old engaged!!!
We’ve been doing a lot of arts and crafts.

Doing good overall but as a teacher distance learning is something new to learn, but it’s going well!