Hello from Boston, MA

Hello, my name is Glenda and I have been using the site for some months now and just found out that this section exists. I own a Cricut Maker, I also do sublimation using my Epson 4760. I just started a business, I hope to grow from purchasing all of my designs to making them myself.

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Hello Glenda!
Welcome to the forum, happy to have you here! :smiley:

Hi df07c62255208e78362374ca6e81c1c7 Welcome!

Welcome 616029191ea94dad0f06d4e9c0a0d415 . All the best with your new business venture :heart_eyes:

Welcomes to the forum. Good luck with your sublimation business. I also create sublimation designs here on design bundles. So good to know you.

Hello Glenda, Nice to “meet” you!