Hello from Central Texas

Hello Everyone, My name is Anndra. I live in Central Texas and we have a small farm. My crafts are mostly paper and vinyl crafts. Crafting is my escape from animals and kids when I can squeeze it in. I am thankful for a place to get answers to question on here. Happy crafting everyone

Welcome to the forum. Yes crafting brings peace of mind. Happy crafting to you too

Hello Anndra!
Welcome to the forum! Make sure to check out our eaf24f1aa1d9128f223b01f57e57dc8e We also have some fun things going on this month such as our f79f47ab4641143d459e721443a8a8ca to win Plus Credits.

Happy Crafting! :smiley:

Hi neighbor. Iā€™m in Central Texas as well. Pretty new to all of this. Have been putting vinyl on wood signs for a couple of months and just started sublimationā€¦!! Happy crafting to you as well.

Hello d95f749cae88ab58a6df3183d4830f45 and welcome from Robin in Istanbul!