Hello From Cincinnati, Ohio

Hello Everyone, My name is Denise and I’m super excited to see everything I can learn and make from this site!! I Finally opened and set up my Cricut Maker that I purchased 6 months ago…yep, procrastinating at it’s finest!! Any words of wisdom or mistakes to avoid would be welcomed.


Hi 444c950c7c086ebe059757141c710c41 welcome to the forum! :tada:

We have a great 366f300f96f3ba61bfcd6f45da61dfe1 that you might be interested in with some of my favorite Cricut Beginners tutorials listed! :slight_smile:


Hi! fec276b3a290442e59bd93b0921fad4f and Welcome to the Community ! :hugs:

Have fun with us. I can’t wait to see what you create with your new machine :star_struck: I just got myself a Cricut Maker for Christmas also and have yet to make “important” Projects. hehe

I already made Felt Finger Puppets for my little girl and a Gift Box with Paper Flower for my other daughter. She seemed VERY impressed by the flower :upside_down_face: which is cool :sunglasses:.

See you around :hugs:
Annie :sunflower:

Check out 1b969c2ae1213fa50adf712d909b95ac She gives you every tutorial you will need for the cricut. You can watch her videos or she can guide you step by step with written instructions.