Hello from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I love doing all types of crafts and love to try new things. It’s been a while for me doing any sort of crafts. In February I received a Cricut Maker for my birthday. It was a bit of a struggle, but after a few months, I was able to pull my Cricut out of the box. Then I struggled on what or how toI make anything. In May Design Bundles popped up in an Ad and I thought I’d give it a try. I am so very happy I did. Tonight I found this community and looking forward to learning & connecting with fellow crafters. Stay Safe :slight_smile::raising_hand_woman:

Hi there. I’m from Hamilton too, and like you, I struggled with what to do with this new Cricut machine. I got one for my birthday in September and I’m slowly learning how to do things. I’m also still learning how to navigate Design Bundles and Font Bundles. Good luck learning !!!

hello, and welcome to the forums!
I’m Joe, I pop in here once in a while and the facebook groups too.

The 81b8f27bf771e06c2aa0285c0f325878 page is a great place to start. Be sure to join the Facebook groups too. abc1f9eb73be9d4ffdebaec992aabbfe Discuss all things fonts. e79c0d72d4dd5044898c4e860238f56c for identifying that font you just saw on a billboard, back of a car, or where ever… Be sure to grab the v1.17 START HERE How to find your font.PDF in the files section too!

Have fun!