Hello from New Zealand

Hi, Im Loretta and i live in New Zealand. Im in the south Island where i live with my Husband and i have 3 children, 2 live at home and the oldest has moved out,
Im new to this crafting and im learning something new every time i start a new project. Some have a great outcome and well lol some not so much. I have a cricuit explore and a Joy. i haven’t used the Joy yet still trying to master the big boy, lol


Hi! Welcome :raised_hands:t2::tada::tada:

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Hello Loretta,
Welcome to the forum! :smiley:
Happy to have you here!

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Welcome, @Loretta_A! We visited New Zealand (South Island) in April 2019 – it’s so beautiful there!

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Hello! Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

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Hi Loretta! Excited to see your work :blush:

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:smiley: hello, welcome to the forums, be sure and follow along on their Facebook pages too!

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Hello Loretta from New Zealand!

Hi, I am Mischelle, the “Glitter Queen” . I am sort of new too! I live in CA, home of earthquakes, fires, floods, and snarky folks! I live between Death Valley and Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the continuing lower 48 of USA. Right now, I haven’t seen the sun in over a week, due to fires in the state.

So, I have been “creating”!

I too have a Cricut. I have had a Cricut in one of it’s many forms for over 20 years. Just this week, I learned how to import on of the many SVG’s and JPEG files.

I’m hoping to make items promoting mask wearing and VOTING!

here’s to us, learning here together!

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Hey Mischelle, earthquakes yes I can totally relate. 10 years ago this month we had a 7.1. fires and floods I can’t relate too. Stay safe. As for voting, not sure which way you swing but good luck. Lol I’ve been creating as well this bloody Covid 19. Yes we could share what we have made.

Yeah it is beautiful here. I’m in Rolleston just out of the Christchurch, “the garden city”. If your down this end of the world again get in touch.