Hello, My Name is Sarah (I am new to Cricut and Design Bundles

I am new to the craft community. I’ve had my Cricut for a while but never opened it until last Christmas (Dec 2020) when i used it to make personalized DIY glitter ornaments as gifts, to hand out to my family. Since then I have become addicted. I have so many ideas in my head of things I want to make, or sell hopefully. I recently started my own small business, out of my home, where I mainly make wood round door hangers, sublimation t-Shirts, mugs, mousepads, etc. I’m looking to enhance my new business and this is the perfect place to start. I have gotten so many great designs here. Excited to start working on Fall crafts. I have learned so much in such a short period of time.


Welcome to the forum.

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Hi Sarah_S2!!! :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum! You’ll love it here!!
Be sure to check out our e904fa048afad18833ec86ae3a0f4c40 for great video tutorials and our e8c6f959e8a74700b8980b03cf81f0d0 has fantastic tutorials, too!! :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah!
I’m new here too :smiley_cat:
I am starting my small business too (I make disc bound notebooks) but the pandemics plus absolutely no experience in online shops are getting me such a hard/funny times (it’s not being easy time, but certainly I’m having fun!)

I’m from Brazil, so forgive my rusty english :see_no_evil:


Welcome Sarah! I cant believe how fast you caught on! I’ve been at this for a quite a while and am not as advanced as you! Looking to change that tho!