Hello! New Here!

I’m absolutely am loving my membership! I previously had the Cricut Explorer 6 years ago, and never touched it, because I was afraid of it…LOL! Well, I recently got the Cricut Maker, and I’m determined to learn it and use it. Being part of the Design Bundles Community is giving me so much inspiration! :purple_heart:


Hello Merry!
Welcome to the forum! Make sure to check out our 317b839c973c9c2332aff29db7316162 We also have some fun things going on this month such as our 691080026bcc8d7d2f9b6630d4a862de to win Plus Credits.

Welcome Merry!

Welcome to the Forum, Merry!!! :slight_smile:

Hi Brittany! Thank you! I will check it out. :blush:

Thank you!

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Thank you! :blush:

Welcome to the forum, so glad you are here