Hello New Here

Hi, I’m Druesilla,

Long time buyer, new subscriber.

Small Business owner in the UK and love everything crafty.



Welcome to the forum! Make sure to check out our 1370c5065292bf375c8ee64998db93e5 We also have some fun things going on this month such as our e95b5ab1183bdb3c9876e977b36cc348 to win Plus Credits.

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Welcome to the community Druesilla! Where about are you based? I’m on the Wirral :slight_smile:

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I’m in Liverpool! Only over the water from you :smile:

Welcome to the forum

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Hi Druesilla, welcome to the DB community!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome :blush:

Welcome e7c81ff08cf7ce60ae3dd4bf617fa2e6.

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