Hello out there

Hello, I am Deann from Texas. I was lucky enough to get a silhouette cameo 4 bundle for Christmas. I am still learning so much. I am excited with all the possibilities this machine has. I would like to start up a business using the machine but I have to learn how to use it first :wink:

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Hi 63dea87d92f7c5602ff373be48ca0c93 welcome to the forum! :tada:

We have tons of Silhouette tutorials, but I have some beginners ones linked 08718e23fc379fbeeee8eaaaf8f7a620 :slight_smile:


Thank you

Hi Deanne and welcome from Robin in Istanbul.

Hi, b76a50036c9bd1d23f13f78d511c196d! I second bbc314b9f10263a308f9d05b8d9bb090. Definitely check out the Silhouette tutorials and videos!

And take a look at the Cricut tutorials and videos too. Unless it’s a Cricut software specific tutorial, the technique can probably be used with the Silhouette. I have a Cameo 3 and watch the videos for both brands.

You’re going to love Design Bundles and your Cameo 4! Congratulations and welcome!