Hello, Wreath Designer from Michigan

Hello from Michigan, I am so excited to be a part of Design Bundle, the variety of Designs offered allows for so many creative possibilities, as a Wreath Designer I am always in search of new designs to use for custom signs to attach to my Wreaths. Once I discovered Design Bundles I was in truth in complete awe, the over whelming amount of designs and creative possibilities was truly amazing. I am looking forward to creating many new designs with the products offered by Design Bundles.

thanks for allowing the opportunity to select these wonderful designs, truly an amazing site that offers so much all in one location.


Hi Tonja! Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile: I’m also from Michigan! :raised_hand:t2:

Hi 21f999f728c0330e3930fbaf4996f16d and Welcome to the forum and Design Bundles! Hope you find loads of designs that work with your wreaths. I’m sure you’ve heard about the yearly $1 event coming up soon! That would be a great time to grab some designs to try out. If you aren’t aware of it, you can read more about it here - 36c168997de0157deaac2e174d35d3cd. :slight_smile:


My apologies please for the delay in response, I was able to take advantage of the $1 event, and have ensured to join in each month for the continued events, I absolutely love all of the designs offered and truly I am a huge fan of Design Bundles