Help finding a font similar

Can anyone help me find a font similar to “peace”
Thank you

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Hi 07a5bb4ad0ada817edb625aeeb91ccf7 I am unsure which font this is - I did find one similar here: d7aab10e585d04d6f21f787f40b12879 You may have to add a stroke to it.

0e9b34439afa299cb2483296518e7fc2 – someone may be able to help you in the Facebook Group, “What Font Is This?” (a FontBundles group). 0295e1cf7ca124d4de823ffc9daec221

There are lots of helpful font experts in that group. Usually when I visit the group, I end up adding to my font collection! :slight_smile:

The Dankin Stripes Font Family has a diagonal stripe font that is similar. 98d165f589ad651017dee9a9b341dc63