HELP! I am a noob!

Hey All! My name is Felicia. I am a 35 year old mother of 4 boys, and married to a first responder for 9 years. I am new to the crafting world, but would like to learn everything I possibly can so that I can create my own small business. I am totally lost on how to edit projects on design space. Eg… the DAD ets. 2003 shirts or Mr. and Mrs. married 9/10/2022 blah blah… how can I edit and customize these to change the dates/ names etc. I have watched hundreds of youtube videos to no avail! helpppp meee please!! Thank you and Happy Crafting!

Hi Felicia. If the design has already been created in design space by a member if you click customize it then goes to the canvas. You can then unlock that portion of the design you want to change by deleting it and replacing it with what you want to put in its place and then saving it just as it was. The method could be a bit different if you are working on an ipad or iphone. You may also want to watch some youtube videos as well… Also I am working from a desktop so I hope this helps.if not reach out to me or maybe another person in the group can help us both with clarity.

Thank you for the reply Alicia!! I actually watch YouTube videos 24/7 lol and I’ve tried exactly what you said to do (on a laptop) and it didn’t work!!! That’s why I’m so lost on what to do!!!

i am about to go try it now because i know i did it a few days ago making a t shirt for my grandson. i will write the steps down and then get back with you.