HELP I have no idea what I'm doing wrong!

I got a cricut maker for Mothers Day and I am having some problems with design space. Not sure I can get help for that here but I will ask anyway lol. I bought the Gloomy Lines font today and every time I weld or attach a phrase using it and another font with it, the R disappears! My whole text disappears if I try to weld or attach to a shape. I have no clue what I am doing wrong. PLEASE HELP! Thank you.

Hello Allison!
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What type of device are you using design space on? Is it a PC, Mac, or another device?

Hi 8115c1ca49ec8028def7af9b574572b6 sometimes this happens when the letters are too close together. If you’re still having troubles I’d reach out to Design Bundles ff02b3a0966b3f28393894961c385340 with screenshots so they can troubleshoot with you :heart:

This could be an issue with the font or it could be an issue with Design Space but it’s hard to know for sure!

I had trouble with a font previously. Design space isn’t great with them.

If you make your text much bigger - Weld and then reduce the size this should help.