Help me!

Hi … i am trying to figure out the the design scape new to it all best tips or tricks ??
Also my biggest thing i would like to learn is how to put an image or pattern in to the text ???
Thank you

Hi 6abd4362ec4602c04ad381f1442d696d welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

All of our DesignScape tutorials 7116ccf31a7e680f0917e59c76b5c96f

And I have a specific tutorial on making a clipping masks: 4b97bdd0f7d285b9b1993d983d7d1a8e

The only difference is that instead of making the clipping mask be to the shape, you would just put the pattern above the text layer and select clipping mask :slight_smile: You can then type anything you want in the text layer and the layer above will still be clipped to it!