Help Please, not sure if this is considered a ransom or grunge type font

I’d appreciate any thoughts on what font this is. I’m not sure how to search for it, I’ve tried searching ransom.

I don’t know if you’re trying to find it or sell it, but for me, I’d classify it as a “Ransom” or “Tablet” font, though you’re not limited to one flag or category. I’d also list it with “Bounce”, that means the letters rise above and or sink. below the standard baseline. I’d also look under “stencil” too.
When I think of “grunge” I think of ragged edges, dry brush looks, and other signs of deterioration, more along the tagger or graffiti line of things.
But don’t forget to include this as a Sans Serif, and narrow or condensed.
The more you accurately describe it, the easier it is for those looking for this kind of thing to find it.
“tablet” was the term used for a font like this, though not necessarily one with a “bounce”, where the lettering is reversed out by having the area surrounding it filled with ink.

boxed or framed. called different things by different designers.
Darrell Flood has a couple.

But running it through a matcher it looks like this is White On Black by imagex

Note of the author

This font is free for personal use. For any commercial use, please contact me.
Cette police est gratuite pour un usage personnel. Pour toute utilisation commerciale, contactez-moi SVP.
For black space type “+”.

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You can find White on Black at

yeah, if you click the link to ImageX it takes you right to dafont.
But here is a direct link…
White on Black

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