Help with Adobe Illustrator

I have been using Adobe Illustrator for 25 years. The one thing I can not figure out is how to make overlapping shapes disappear without cutting the shapes into pieces. I know you can select 2 images and that will work. But with complex images there seems to be no way to do it in one quick click. Does anyone know the magic???

I have customers that need only the ‘shown’ shapes and nothing behind.
Any help will be very appreciated!!

Diddybag Graphics

Hello Nell!

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Hi Nell can you confirm if you are using PNG, JPG, or SVG files?

By disappear, do you mean you want to make a clipping mask or remove a section of the shape? Do you have a screenshot of the design you’re working with?

Like Jordyn, I need to see exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve, and what you’re working with, file wise.
Making a “mask” that hides what you don’t want seen is fairly easy, but if this is something you have cut then you actually have to be concerned with what you can’t see for both complications and file size.
Also, what version of Illustrator are you using, and on what platform?

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