Hey, I need some help

I have made a cactus set and its bought by some people, I also love it. But i dont know what i can do in the same theme. Do you have any advice?


Love your work! What if you created funny/punny cactus sayings, or turn these into digital backgrounds as well?

Thank you :slight_smile:
But i hardly understand it, do you have some pic examples please?

I am also doing some cactus :cactus: mandalas :blush: not sure if it will work but I am doing anyway, here is a sketch i did

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Yes! This is awesome and mandalas are in right now! I think these could do well as SVG files for cutting machine crafters :smiley:

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You could do succulent plants.
Maybe add some bright colored pots.

A good idea! Very interesting are the mandalas!

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Спасибо. : Slight_smile:

Puns are phrases in which a word is replaced with a rhyming word, or can be taken to have multiple meanings in the extent purchase or sentence (double entendre, though in English that tends to be limited to puns of a bawdy nature)

“Beware - I have a PRICKLY sense of humor!”
“Whaddya mean, I’m SPINELESS?!”
“I’ll never DESERT you!”
Desert Beauty

Sorry but my Russian is limited to about ten words, so I’m not sure the best way to translate…

Mandalas, Cutfiles with Puns, or even Sublimation designs.

Cacti are so in right now!