Hi Card Makers

Hello, fellow card makers, Elayne here from Tampa Bay, Fl.


hi…here from Oregon

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Made my first card recently for my daughters birthday. It was a simple design but now I’m hooked.


Hello From Northern Illinois!!

Hi Cha Cha from SoCal.

I made my first card a little over a year ago, it was a simple one too. I’m completely hooked, I love making cards!

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I need to get started making cards! Do you shop for individual card supplies or do you buy in bulk?

Hello from Texas!

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From SC. And I’m a stamper and use a Scan n Cut to do some cool stuff.

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I usually buy a pkg of A2cards/enevelopes At J’s to get started. A pad of designer paper that you like and look at Pinterest for ideas. Have fun.

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Hi all I enjoy doing one sheet wonders I am not a stamper but love working with cardstock

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Hello from North Carolina.

Hi from Australia. I started making cards about 4 years ago with very little in the way of supplies. Slowly I have added to my collection and now have a nice dedicated craft room but I still can’t help looking for what I can add to my collection of dies, papers, etc.


It is never ending, I always want the latest things, new things tend to inspire me. Now that I’m staying home I’ve discovered things I forgot I had,.

From Missouri! Just starting to get into card making but having a lot of fun with it so far.

Hey fellow paper crafters! This is Pennee from Utah! I absolutely LOVE to make cards of any kind! I am ALWAYS looking for fun, fresh, unique new ideas! I LOVE my Cricut Explore Air 2, and I COLLECT paper and embellishments!!! So excited to be part of this community and learn/discover fresh new ideas from all of you!


Hi Pennee, beautiful card and very appropriate for now. Nice work.

I must warn you it’s a steep and slippery path you’ve taken!

Next you’ll want a die cutter, a vinyl cutter, lots of stamps, lots of ink, dies, paper, more paper, different kinds of glue, a dot runner or two (I have three from Japan), water color pencils, colored pencils, paint, embossing folders, a heat gun, embossing powder, a good iron, modeling paste, mica powder, a decent cutting board, (* paused to turn cottage potatoes*) scoring board, two good pairs of scissors…did I mention paper!

Once you jump into the Rabbit Hole, it’s a long way down…but it’s a fun ride.

I currently have about 70 shopping lists on Amazon. Only 28 of which are for card making supplies. Since I add new supplies when I find out about them I simply organize them by subject which makes it easier to find later when I put an order together. I have lists like Card Making - Tape & Glue, Card Making - Inks, Card Making - Stamps, etc.

If you want a great source of ideas, you must visit the compendium of all human knowledge, or as most people call it, YouTube. Search for “card making” and make sure you have some fluids and maybe a snack nearby because you may get lost for an hour of two!

Have fun and welcome to the addiction!
Mark :brain:


Hello from Tasmania, Australia!

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Hi Karen, I’m also from Australia. I started my second stint at card making about 2-3 years ago. I like setting myself challenges and trying to do something new.