Hi from Costa Rica

Hi everyone! my name is Alexandra and Im from Costa Rica, Central America. Im a newbie…I know 0- about crafting but Im soooo excited to learn!! I have a maker and Easy press 2 and mini, but its been so hard for me to understand how to use everything. For example I wanted to print a svg or png that I bought from a bundle that went on sale today and don’t know if I have to print it first on the printer, later put it in the cricut and when do I put the transfer on so I can put it on the T-shirt, with my easy press. Its quite a mess! I couldn’t even do the project the maker comes with. So frustrated.


Hi Alexandra,

Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

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Hello @Alexandra_G :wave:
Welcome to the forum – happy to have you here! :hugs::smiley:

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Hi @Alexandra_G! Welcome to the Community!

Costa Rica is on my list of places to visit! :grinning:

I am happy to help you use your design! Are you going to be cutting vinyl and piecing the design together on your product or are you printing on printable transfer paper and then placing the design?

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Thanks!! Ill be here waiting for you!! Costa Rica is really peaceful!!
So What is better? Can’t I do it all on the Cricut? Im so confused!.. need more tutorials. I just want to print a design svg I bought from a bundle yesterday and put one on a t-shirt with my easy press (so I think everything is on vinyl right?) and place other stuff on maybe mugs or glasses…I just bought a lot of vinyl but not sure how to use it! Bummer…