Hi from Georgia!

Hi everyone! I am from Carrollton Ga and am looking forward to being here. I mainly work in Procreate and I am trying to design a line of greeting cards.


Hi Renee_K2!! :slight_smile:
Welcome to Design Bundles!!! :partying_face:
I can’t wait to see your greeting cards!!
Procreate is one of my favorites!!!

Hi! Hopefully will be posting some soon! Thanks for the welcome!!

Hello Renee!

Welcome to the forum!

I would love to see pictures of any current or past greeting cards! :hearts:

Welcome to the Forum! :wave:t3: So excited to have a Procreate user! Maybe you can share some tips and tricks with us! :hearts:

.There are so many things to learn and I use you tube a lot. I would be willing to try and help anyone with issues!

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Hi @Renee_K2 :slight_smile: I use Procreate almost daily and I’m also a greeting card designer! :tada: