Hi from Missouri

My name is Lisa & I’m about 30 min west of St Louis.

I am totally a newbie so will apologize now if I ask a question that’s been asked a thousand times already or ask something totally stupid (which has happened)

I love crafting & will try almost anything, with the exception of yarn crafts, I used to love doing plastic canvas but started to hurt hands.

I have the joy machine & am thinking about getting the explorer air I think it’s called but that is still up for debate.

On the personal side I’m mid 50s, have 4 grown boys. Currently live with an overweight elderly fox terrier & a periodically pain in my backside rag doll cat who is also getting older.

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hello, welcome to the forums. The search bar will be your friend! :smiley:
be sure and follow along on their Facebook pages too!

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